Pre summit goodness. Greg soaks in the Sierra Nevada mountains!

3 weeks ago

One of my most favorite moments in Florida was the morning I got up to meditate by the ocean at sunrise. After watching the sun for almost an hour, I made this collage of broken shells. Can you see the sunrise? I think it took me nearly an hour. But it felt totally worth it. #collage #sunrise #shells #florida #livefolk

1 month ago

I can’t believe that this is the only picture I took of last nights festivities. #hanoverdine

3 months ago

Accidentally paused my editing on this frame. #hyao In this scene Roma is trying to convince OD to get in the water as the sun is setting.

10 months ago

Garden bounty from a friend.

10 months ago

Original Silvano campeggi poster at Syrfilm. #gonewiththewind

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Skull in a salt lake

Skull in a salt lake

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That one time I had to do skin tests for food allergies. And sit with my arm like this for 30 minutes. #nofilter

11 months ago

Graham home for old ladies. #latergram

11 months ago


Pen and acrylic on paper.

Jill Colbert

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